Profile: Donna Huanca, “Ritual Resurrection”

Images of the body are Donna Huanca’s core motif. Sheaths of skin-like fabric – painted, torn, burned, creased, crumpled, layered and stretched – permeate every aspect of her output, and even her atelier. Today, her Kreuzberg workshop is a jumble of shiny, metallic, candy-coloured clothes, sheets of industrial plastic sheeting, and pastel toned paintings. Having […]

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Frieze d/e

Focus: Daniel Gustav Cramer, “Time Travels”

A pale, closed book lies on a walnut table,its tattered page edges facing the viewer. The table is set low in the frame, leaving a vacuous space above. This still life photograph, Untitled (Eusebius – Jerome) (2009) by Berlin-based artist Daniel Gustav Cramer, takes as its subject one of mankind’s earliest attempts at a universal […]

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