Art Review

Review: Michael Rakowitz, “The Flesh Is Yours, The Bones Are Ours”

Graham Foundation & Rhona Hoffman Gallery, Chicago. Tracing and assembling fin de siécle architectural decor and cultural artefacts from cataclysmic events of the era, Michael Rakowitz unmasks the enduring imprints of collective trauma. For this exhibition, he constructs a reliquary and a craftsman’s workshop dedicated to the sordid history of the Armenian genocide, relating historical events […]

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Review: Jessica Stockholder, “Door Hinges” & “ASSISTED”

Kavi Gupta Gallery, Chicago. Jessica Stockholder is an artist known for breaking conventions. Though her sprawling artworks are often referred to as installations, she defines her manifold combinations of color and everyday materials as sculpture.(1) The two floors of Kavi Gupta in Chicago—which entwine a curated group show, “ASSISTED,” with her own solo exhibition, “Door […]

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Review: “The Freedom Principle”

MCA, Chicago. “What art does black life produce?” This is the question posited by curators Naomi Beckwith and Dieter Roelstraete for the exhibition “The Freedom Principle.” Key figures from the black avant-garde of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians and AfriCOBRA are shown alongside contemporary artists, such as Stan Douglas, Catherine Sullivan, and […]

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