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Review: Nathalie du Pasquier, “Big Objects Not Always Silent”

Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna. Integrating thirty-five years of production in painting, sculpture, drawing and pattern design, Nathalie du Pasquier’s survey charts an exercise in object permanence. Compositions of simple household items like cups, plates, bottles, tools and motors are assembled with abstract geometric forms in repeated permutation, neutralizing their hierarchy. Left in their raw state or […]

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Review: “Political Populism”

Kunsthalle Wien, Vienna. What happens when the entire landscape from which an exhibition is built undergoes a seismic shift during its run? The group exhibition ‘Political Populism’, curated by Nicolaus Schafhausen at Kunsthalle Wien, fell into this chasm. Taking the rising trend of artists responding to populist tendencies in contemporary politics as its raison d’etre, […]

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