Editorial: “The 20 Most Influential Young Curators in Europe”

“The canons of art history are fluid and changing. And it’s the role of curators to come in, make sense of it all, and present a picture of where art will head next. They act as stewards, activate ideas, draw connections, bring attention to lesser-known artists and overlooked regions, and highlight topics that warrant deeper conversation. And as political and social mores continue to shift, acting as a dedicated arts connoisseur is only part of the job description. For many curators, their posts come with the responsibility of mediating between three active players: artists, institutions, and the public.

Here, we take a look at the next wave of influential decision-makers in institutions, independent project spaces, and galleries across Europe who are expanding definitions of what art is, and what it can be.”


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First published on Artsy.net, March 30th, 2016.

arielle bier